Changing Your Hearing Aid Batteries: 5 Quick Steps
Hearing aids help you stay connected to what matters most in your life, so it’s important to keep them in their best shape.

A crucial part of your hearing devices? The batteries that power them. Learn how to change your hearing aid batteries with these five quick and simple tips.

  1. Know when to change the batteries. Hear that constant beeping coming from your hearing aid? It’s likely letting you know that the batteries need changing. The warning typically occurs about a few minutes to a half hour before the batteries start working altogether, so change them quickly.

  3. Use the right batteries for your technology. Batteries come in diverse sizes, types, and performance levels, so it’s crucial to use the appropriate batteries for your hearing aids. Count on your hearing-care specialist, who can help ensure your hearing devices are matched up with the appropriate battery products.

  5. Remove the old batteries. After locating the battery door on your hearing device, pull or press it open using the attached nail grip, notch, or lever. Remove the old battery, and be sure to check with your city, county, or local household hazardous waste management facility for proper recycling or disposal options.

  7. Prepare the new battery. With the old battery removed, pull off the colored tab of the new battery. Let the new battery sit for three to five minutes before installation, allowing it to activate. Also, be sure you’re going to use the new battery, which cannot be deactivated once the tab’s removed.

  9. Install the new battery. Inserting the new battery is simple: Just align the plus sign on the flat side of the battery with the same plus sign on the battery door, gently set the battery in place, and close the battery door.


It’s that fast and easy. And with your new batteries in place, you can reinsert your devices, check this task off your to-do list, and get back to hearing your best!

Illustration of hearing aid battery replacements

Download a Free Hearing Aid Battery Cheat Sheet

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Helpful Hints For Getting The Most Out Of Hearing Aid Batteries

Keep these points in mind before you make the decision to swap out your batteries.

  • Don’t force the battery doors closed. Instead, check to ensure the batteries are properly positioned.
  • Consider changing your batteries on a regular schedule to avoid losing power at inconvenient times.
  • Batteries may need changing anywhere from every three days to every three or more weeks, depending on the type of hearing aid, usage, and other factors.
  • For longer battery life, turn off your hearing aids or keep the battery doors open when your devices aren’t in use.
  • Did you know? Hearing aid batteries typically come in color-coded packaging based on their particular size.
  • Remember that hearing aids and moisture don’t mix. Keep your devices — and their batteries — out of the pool, shower, and rain.


Have questions about changing your hearing aid batteries? Our caring team is here to help! Get in touch with us today to discuss your questions or concerns, and get the expert service you deserve.