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They were very nice and there was no wait to be seen. They were thorough with explanation of test and results. I would highly recommend their services to anyone!
My experience with Hearing Services was excellent. The office receptionist was very pleasant and Dr. Denise Martin was very professional and thorough in explaining my condition. I felt that I was given a very good evaluation.
“I am updating my experiences with Hearing Services of Vallejo because I have had numerous satisfactory experiences since my initial review.   I ensured I only saw Grace after my initial Yelp posting and had nothing but exemplary experiences.  However, sh...” View Alle is not longer at the Vallejo office.  I really, really, really miss Grace's presence.   However, in being handled by other employees since Grace left Hearing Services of Vallejo, I have been treated respectfully.  Furthermore, none of my phone messages were neglected to be passed along to the Vallejo staff.  So I feel that my perfect storm of bad circumstances brought up some excellent customer service tips.  Particularly when one office's team is covering for patients at another office.  Essentially, you don't know your customer.   Listen before lecturing.   I am only giving four stars because my experiences have been so inconsistent.  My terrible experiences transpired when there was cross office staffing and phone coverage.  Stuff just gets garbled up somehow.   So I would refer someone to Hearing Services of Vallejo with the warning to always try to speak with the same Vallejo assigned employees.  Learn their names or which days they are in the Vallejo office to have face to face conversation.   If your Otolaryngologist says you need a hearing aid, Hearing Services of Vallejo will help you out with finding the hearing aid that fits your needs.  However, hearing services is in the business of selling hearing products.  My viewpoint is to utilize Hearing Services for their expertise in hearing equipment, equipment check ups, and equipment warranties.  However, I ultimately seek my independent doctor's diagnosis of the significance of hearing loss or it's changes over time?  I would seek someone without skin in the game to check my hearing too, for a second opinion. My tinnitus is really soft ringing or blasting like a tornado siren depending on my other health challenges. I can have significantly different hearing test results depending on whether I have significant upper respiratory inflammation or not.  My doctor sees the whole picture.  He sees if my eustachian tubes are functioning or completely shut off when I swallow, etc. Kind of like taking your new car to the dealer for warranty diagnostics and preventative maintenance. They are experts on what they market, sell, and service.  Maybe just not on the subject of all forms of transportation that exist in your community or where your home is specifically.  The dealer is expert in their product.  A transportation specialist may suggest that owning a car isn't what makes the most sense now?  Maybe an electric bicycle and joining vehicle share program makes more sense for your particular location where someone out in rural location may really need to replace their vehicles frequently for genuine safety.  All hearing loss is not the same.   Just continue explore options over the years because technology in hearing aids isn't the only thing that changes.  In a few situations, new medical procedures and technology also.  Sometimes a neutral specialist consult is good to involve in conversations requiring financial investments.  If you don't keep asking your doctors about your hearing loss or research your medical condition that affects your hearing periodically, you may miss an optimal new option in today's society.  It might be too expensive during its technological infancy though, so a newer hearing aid makes the most sense for your future, fantastic!  I simply suggest purchasing medical equipment being well informed of the  underlying condition of your loss.  Is it something that may be treated so you hear better?   If an hearing aid is best for your medical situation, then the assigned Vallejo team takes care of their local residents.  They know their stuff when it comes to hearing devices.”
Great staff, everybody was friendly and there was no waiting!
Office staff and audiologist are all quite helpful and professional. Was seen and given results promptly and out of the office quickly.
“This Dr's office is so friendly (as Sarah welcomes you) that it doesn't seem like a Dr's office at all. But still very professional. I was immediately put at ease. Dr. Martin explained everything in advance perfectly and it was completed quicker than I exp...” View Allected. Very good.”
Great place to get service with a smile.
Very caring and responsive to issues and needs...I had a problem with my hearing aids making odd noises. The offending issue is repaired and working well again. I’m extremely happy and a satisfied customer!
“As I walked in the office looked comfortable and professional with hot drinks and water available. The receptionist had a smile and welcomed me. I waited just a few minutes before the tester brought me in. She had me sit in the booth, gave me specific di...” View Allrections, and checked to see if I had any questions. The test went well. I waited a few minutes for my results and left with everything I needed. Thanks for a quick professional and painless time.”
“Hearing Services offers a full range of hearing tests and hearing aids. If your physician feels you need a hearing test and orders one, you can call for an appointment and get a hearing test here. The receptionist, Sarah, was very sweet. I hadn’t been to...” View All this location and it had been over 10 years since I had been to their other venue so they had me fill out some paperwork. They have a Keurig coffee machine and a TV (with closed captioning for those deaf or hard of hearing!) in the ample sized waiting room. Once in the testing booth Denise (Dr. Martin) tells you everything she will do before she does it and she exams your ears gently before the hearing exam. She conducts the hearing tests that the physician orders. She will then discuss the results generally with you (your physician will go over the results in detail). Should your physician desire you to have a hearing aid, you will come back to be fit for an ear mold and discuss the best hearing aid for your needs. Hearing Services are very knowledgeable at what they do. They are polite and professional. I highly recommend them for all hearing tests and hearing aid needs.”
Felt very comfortable. Dr. explains everything so you can understand what is going on and what it all means now and for the future.
The staff were really nice and they were very understanding and enthusiastic to help me. They also accommodated to my needs by talking slow and writing things down so I could understand.
The staff at hearing services were quick, polite, and professional!
“Before taking my sister to her appointment, I did my online research regarding what to look for when using a hearing service for the first time. I'm happy to say the Hearing Services office fulfilled all the checkpoints and did so with compassion and pr...” View Allofessionalism. It'll be 2 weeks before sister receives her new hearing aid and we are so happy!”